Water Conservation

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Water Conservation Initiatives

Drip Irrigation

Designed correctly, automatic sprinkler systems can save water and improve the environmental footprint of your landscape.

This is done by:  Drip irrigation 

  •  Saves water because precise amounts of water are delivered to plants root zone – this allows more control over the watering
  • Much less evaporation while the water is being distributed  – water and soil runoff is greatly reduced
  • Especially important when watering uneven ground or slopes
  • Uses 30-70% less water than conventional irrigation
  • Greenleaf Irrigation are specialists in converting conventional irrigation systems into drip systems

Other Conservation Methods:

  • Wifi sprinkler systems can be installed. With Wifi monitoring, you can modify the watering schedule with a quick touch on your smart phone or tablet. This allows you to easily adjust for weather changes
  • Flow meters can be installed to keep track of water usage and detects leaks. Flow meters can be monitored with notifications and/or alerts on your smartphone
  • Rain sensors can be installed on your system
  • Rainwater harvesting methods. We can design and install a system that uses rain collection containers/barrels

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